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Tony and Bruce....or at least in the same movie

I don't know if this has been posted here but Here is a link!!! to the Incredible Hulk movie trailer with a little certain cameo:) with Betsy's dad, Gen. Ross.


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Oh.. that's what he is.
I keep forgetting that this is a reboot, keep thinking that it's a sequel to Ang Lee's efforts. :3

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Aye, I definitely like the proper Marvel universe approach, that will make my inner geek squee with delight. Cross-cameos are made of awesome.
I watched the movie for the third time today, and finally noticed the shield on the big screen. I wonder how they will update Captain America, he seems a little dated as a character.. like Namor is, in some ways.

I so wish these to be ultra-good, don't you? :3

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I've been comixing for a mere ten years (I've had a very deprived life in my home country), but still have a nice little collection of Xmen, Superman, Daredevil and various assorted Alex Rosses. ;3 I need a few more geek t-shirts to signal my geekdom to the world, though.

Any good Ghost Rider comics to recommend, by chance?